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Sandro Jones

By 6 May 2021May 31st, 2021Stories

My name is Sandro Jones. I’m from Curaçao and I’m 28 years old. Before I started SMTC’s traineeship, I went to the MTS and trained there as a carpenter. There I learned everything about building construction, carpentry and masonry. I currently work as a painter / blaster at PBC.

How did you hear from SMTC and why did you enroll?

My girlfriend came across an ad on Facebook. The traineeship at PBC fit well with my previous education. The working area is very different, but the work is similar. I want to have a job that’s bold and tough. Office work is not for me, to me that just seems boring.

What did you specialize in?

I specialized in blasting and spray-painting. You learn the different procedures for washing, blasting and spray-painting ships. There are several ways to blast, like SA1 or SA2. There are also various types of paint that can be used for different applications. All of this is part of the training. The first half of the year focusses on theory and the second half on practical experience.

What is your current job?

I am currently on my second contract at PBC. PBC is the division responsible for blasting and painting on the dock site. I wash and blast clean the ships. I do this on the outside of the tankers, but also on the inside. There are entire procedures we must follow. We first scrape all the shells from the ship and then we determine which treatment the ship needs. Usually, they get blasted first because that way the rust is removed from the ship. Then we spray-paint the ship, and we paint the letters on the ship’s hull. Usually this is the name of the ship and the place it’s from.

What makes the job fun and interesting?

The nicest part of my work is painting the name of the ship on the ship’s hull. We do that with chalk, tape, and paint. It’s the finishing touch. Seeing the ship leaving the docks beautifully restored, makes me proud of my job.

Why would you recommend your peers to follow this training?

You really learn new things that you wouldn’t easily find in other workplaces. Even the materials we work with are different. You can learn a lot from theory classes, but the way the practical classes are taught is unique. Because every ship has a different work procedure, you learn many different things at the same time.

‘What we learn here is unique. You won’t learn that anywhere else. So, if you are serious about learning this profession well and want a job that offers variety, I would definitely recommend you sign up.’

– Sandro Jones

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