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Marchello Loek

By 13 May 2021May 31st, 2021Stories

My name is Marchello Loek, I’m 23 years old and I’m from the Netherlands. Four years ago, I came to Curaçao. In the Netherlands I was trained to work with metal technology and welding.

How did you hear about SMTC and why did you register?

My cousin who lives in Curaçao saw an ad in the SMTC paper. It was difficult to find a position in the Netherlands that suited me, which is why I enrolled in this training program in Curaçao. This provided me with an opportunity to get a better job and a contract within my field.

What did you specialize in and why?

I trained as a welder / burner. I have always enjoyed welding. The training teaches different welding techniques, such as 3g, 4g and hand welding. When you learn to burn you are taught to follow a good line, but you also learn to perform fixed cutting in place and flushing. This is the cutting off of old welding without cutting the other plates.

What is your current job?

I received my one-year contract in January 2021. After my training at SMTC, I first worked as a temp for an employment agency, then I was offered my contract. I hope I get a permanent contract after this. It’s a really nice company to work for.

What makes your job fun and interesting?

No two days are the same. One day you’re welding in a double bottom and the next day in an old oil tank. There are many different types of ships where you do different types of work. For example, in an oil ship you weld pipes and in a container ship you’re more likely to be welding plates and large beams. Personally, I like 6g pipe welding the best, that is the circumferential welding of pipes.

Why would you advise peers to take this course?

By requesting this training for me at SMTC, Damen has given me a serious job opportunity. Actually, I was recently asked if I would like to follow welding on level 4. That’s a higher level of welding, I will definitely do that. There is a lot of guidance, you get so much better at your job and you get many opportunities to work at large companies like Damen.

‘Work hard, show that you really want this and be on time. It is a real opportunity, which you certainly won’t easily find in these times’

– Marchello Loek

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