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Andrew Regalado

By 13 May 2021May 31st, 2021Stories

My name is Andrew Regalado and I am 26 years old. I was born and raised in Curaçao. After finishing high school I went to the MTS and chose MMO, a discipline that specializes in mechanics, assembly and maintenance. I currently work as a fitter at Damen.

How did you hear about SMTC and why did you sign up?

Through an ad in a newspaper. The training that SMTC offers was perfectly in line with my studies, which was motors and mechanics. So, I really saw it as an opportunity to develop myself further.

What did you specialize in and why?

I was trained as a fitter. I love mechanics and this was a perfect match for me. The training takes two years. The first year is mostly theoretical, then you learn everything about ship construction, lathe work and you also get English language lessons and computer class. The second year is used to do a practical internship.

What kind of work do you currently do?

I just started a two-year contract with Damen. I am very happy with that. I like the work I do and feel that I’m where I should be. Part of this job is following a traineeship at Damen, in which I’m trained as a project estimator or engineer. I prefer being a project estimator. You calculate how long a project will take and what it will cost. This means that you truly need knowledge and insight concerning the work to be able to make an estimate of the project and the time needed per project.

What makes your job fun / interesting?

At Damen you always work with a team of other fitters. The size of the team depends on the project we are working on. The ships that we service come from all over the world, for example China, Africa, India, the Netherlands, and Russia. For instance, the mechanics I work with are cranes, engines, generators, pumps, but also I regularly work with new mechanics. I see and learn something new almost every day.

Why would you advise your peers to take this course?

Everyone gets a fair shot at a job. Not only at Damen, but also at other companies. If you like mechanical work, then you will absolutely enjoy this. This is proper education where you learn a lot. Especially if you like cars and motorcycles. The technique is the same, only much bigger.

‘At SMTC you receive extensive mechanical training. This way you increase the possibilities to find a job at different types of organizations and to find a something that suits you.’

– Andrew Regalado

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